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APT Newschannel

Get connected on APT-NewsChannel  provides an excellent platform for maximum exposure of your company, products and services.This platform has been specially designed to offer value news of developements in the Asia-Pacific public transport market.

Get connected to the public transport industry of the Asia-Pacific region by advertising your company on Inform your global audience about your company, organisation, product or event by linking to your company, product or event website. By linking your website to, you will have the ability to show off your expertise to potential new customers or clients.

Here the location of our top 20 audience, dated by 10th of April 2016 :

1. Germany 8. Brazil 15. Malaysia
2. China 9. India 16. France
3. Singapore 10. Canada 17. Austria
4. United States 11. United Kingdom 18. Italy
5. Hungary 12. Hong Kong 19. Russia
6. Japan 13. Australia 20. Taiwan
7. Indonesia 14. Thailand  


Contact for free consultation on advertising on APT-NewsChannel:

           Ms. Hsin-Yu Tu



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