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Rail Depots & Workshops mordernisation 2017

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Events starts on 28.06.2017
Event ends on 29.06.2017

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Location: Germany

European train operating companies are seeking to maximise depot operational efficiency while integrating new fleets.

But to guarantee fleet compatibility, TOCs must match train maintenance requirements with depot equipment and layout, leading to some crucial questions:

  • What are the most effective depot layouts for minimising maintenance downtime?
  • What is the best strategy for accommodating effective train maintenance across the depot network?
  • Which automation technologies and practices are most effective in optimising costs?
  • What depot equipment gives operators the flexibility to maintain mixed fleets?
  • How can an operator plan and schedule maintenance to maximise train throughput?








Following up on last year's debut event, which attracted 100 delegates from around the globe, The Rail Depots & Workshops Modernisation 2017 comes to Berlin on the 28th and 29th of June to answer these and many more critical industry challenges.  

Designed around the most pressing concerns of Europe's leading railways, this is the only event focussed specifically on the challenges of modernising and managing train maintenance facilities.

The conference will hear best practice case studies on key areas including managing competency and change, maximising train throughput, moving heavy maintenance to the light maintenance depot and much more.

So register today to put your company first in line in successfully integrating new fleets and implementing innovative depot design and maintenance practices.


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