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Fastest train in the world could run between DC and Baltimore

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The Superconducting Magnetic Levitation train (SCmaglev) floats about four inches over the ground and can reach cruising speeds of 311 miles per hour within minutes by using magnetic forces to power the trains.

Developed by Japanese Rail Central and fully operating in Japan, it’s the fastest train in the world and has been clocked at over 350 mph. The D.C./Baltimore area is getting closer to having this newest technology become reality.

On Saturday, the Baltimore-Washington Rapid Rail held an open house at the Courtyard Marriot in Northeast D.C. so the public could look at the six possible routes between D.C. and Baltimore for the train to travel. Baltimore-Washington Rapid Rail is a private investment company that has been working on this project since 2012.

David Henley, SCmaglev project manager with Baltimore-Washington Rapid Rail said the routes will be narrowed down to about three possible routes, and the public will be invited back in mid-May to check them out. The May open house meeting will have larger, more detailed maps.

“The public will be able to see individual houses and lot lines and understand how these alternative alignment or locations would relate to where their property is,” said Henley.

These trains cause very minimal vibrations and noises since there are no metal wheels rolling on a track, explained Henley. And because there are no rails, there is no possibility of train derailment.


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