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China March 27, 2017

China to get rolling on stalled Indonesian high-speed rail line

Chinese bank expected to release funds for project after delays in government clearances and local resistance to the route.

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China March 27, 2017

Chinese firm MTR to help operate UK's South West trains franchise

The UK government has handed a Chinese state transport and property company a seven-year deal to run one of the Britain’s biggest rail franchises in a controversial deal that brings together train...

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China March 24, 2017

China to spend $15 billion on roads to Russia in 2017

The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region will build new roads in Manzhouli and Erenhot to improve transport connectivity with Russia.

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China March 24, 2017

SW China city starts freight train to Belarus

Southwest China's Chengdu city started freight trains to Belarus on Wednesday, the first of the city's planned 150 freight trains to countries such as Belarus, Russia and Lithuania this year.

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China March 23, 2017

Beijing to build two streetcar lines in Fengtai

Beijing plans to build two streetcar lines, to be named T1 and T2, in Fengtai District and link two streetcar lines with the Fangshan subway line and Subway Line 14.

China March 22, 2017

Metrolinx, Bombardier in court over light-rail contract

Metrolinx and Bombardier faced off in court on Tuesday over a light-rail contact for the Eglinton Crosstown.

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China March 21, 2017

Beijing subway trips top 10 million a day: official

Beijing subway lines carry more than 10 million people every day, with the number totaling 3.66 billion in 2016, becoming the busiest in the world, said Zhou Zhengyu, head of Beijing Municipal...


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